Another Way

So I just got home a few minutes ago, and on my way up to my apartment, I happened upon this scene:

Thankfully, I had come up the other stairwell, and had clear access to my apartment. However, had I traveled up the other way, I would not have been able to make it home via my intended route. I would have been forced to find another way.

Doesn’t this principle hold true in our spiritual lives as well? I feel like there are so many areas of my life that God has pre-emptivdly cordoned off: certain people, circumstances, and opportunities, and He’s practically shouting at the top of His voice, “Don’t go that way, Daily!”

Oh, that the pitfalls and detours of life were as clearly marked as the (apparently) broken-down stairwell in my apartment complex. If only the cleverly-designed traps that are intended to snare us were so readily apparent; it only it were so very obvious that we were not meant to follow a particular way. If only, if only….

But it’s not. For the enemy of our soul seeks to kill and destroy, and often lures us into situations that seem fine at first – good, even! – but then we realize a little too late that things aren’t alright at all!

Thankfully, it’s never ever too late, if we place our faith in Christ. We can ask Him for the wisdom and guidance needed each day to rightly discern what is going on around us, and to show us the way forward. Certainly, we will make our fair share of mistakes, but we’re certainly better off consulting with Jesus and taking a bold step in faith, rather than unwisely rushing out on our own. After all, we don’t want to end up like the foolish people referenced in Proverbs 19, do we?

Dear Lord, thank You for filling me with your wisdom, discernment, and guidance, so that I can walk in confidence assurance that You are with me every step of the way. Help me to not be deceived into falling into the traps that the enemy tries to sit for me; and if that means that I have to find another way out of the situation, then I choose to trust that You will reveal whatever my next step is meant to be.

I thank and praise You for Your faithfulness, because – even when it seems like there is no way out – You always show me another way forward (even though I may sometimes feel disinclined to follow it). Thank You for being 100% trustworthy and reliable. In Jesus’s name I pray, Amen.

9 thoughts on “Another Way

      1. I really enjoy reading about your travels. Perhaps at the end of it, you can compile your experiences into a travel book! (then again, now that I think of it, perhaps that’s why you elected to do a blog instead). 🙂

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      2. LOL. Thank you for your kind words. We often wonder where this whole thing is going but we sure are having fun exploring and sharing. The best part is we are learning from so many others traveling and sharing their experiences. The best advertising is word of mouth and there are places we add to our list because of others we follow that have been there and attest to it. We trust the fellow bloggers more then the TV ad campaigns. It is so nice to have you sharing your thoughts with us. You give us strength. We know your site gives us strength.


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