Sea Change

When I got up this morning, I admit that I was feeling a little grumpy. That grumpiness rapidly transformed into full-throttle worry and anxiety, and I realized that my peace had flown the coop some time ago. This was not good! 😦

It’s remarkable to me how quickly we can allow our peace to leave us. Thankfully, I realized what had happened, and so I confessed my worry and asked the Holy Spirit to fill me with His peace.

I still felt pretty restless for the next couple of hours. Then, the Lord brought two wonderful people into my life today, and I soon realized that my mood and mindset had dramatically shifted. Gone where the worries of the day, and a sense of peace and hopefulness had been restored. It was a gradual and grace-filled experience.

Truly, the book of Proverbs got it right when it comes to diagnosing the human heart:

If I trust in my emotions, then I will be misled every time – even the Bible says so. Without fail! Emotions are valuable indicators, but they are never meant to lead the way. My experiences today were a powerful reminder of this truth.

Dear Lord, thank You for orchestrating the sea change in my heart and mind today. I still marvel at how rattled I was this morning, and for what? Indeed, my heart is not to be trusted by itself; and I certainly shouldn’t make any big decisions when I feel so emotionally stirred.

Thanks also for the reminder that the key to this shift in my heart and mind was making the decision to seek Your wisdom, and to walk according to the truth in Your Word. If You say (and You do!) that my heart is not to be trusted in and of itself, then I believe You. And if You say (and You do!) that walking in Your wisdom is the key to my deliverance, and I choose to believe that, too.

Finally, thank You for the wonderful conversations that I was able to enjoy today. I can see now that You used those conversations to help shift the way I was thinking and feeling, and for that I am very grateful. The day ended on a much more positive note, in large part to You! In Jesus’s name I pray, Amen.

14 thoughts on “Sea Change

  1. I was reading this thinking, you were living my day today, AND God blessed you the same way, literally(two wonderful visitors and all) and it’s another hug from Him today. I was in a raging storm on an ocean, and He laid out the calm. Now, here I sit, everything calm, happy, flowing smoothly, reading your testimony, thinking I could have wrote this Everyone wants signs and here’s a sign 😉 God is so good to us 🙂

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      1. I was right there with you but God was triumphant! As always. 🙂 I was just shocked that particular day, you had issues, then 2 visitors, I had issues and 2 visitors, mine were 2 ladies from one of the churches. They asked if I wanted to talk about Jesus. I said, oh boy would I, come on in, and they were here for a couple of hours. I felt great when they left. When I was reading this post, I thought, this sounds really, really familiar hahaha.

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