Paying Attention

I’ve noticed that sometimes the Lord breaks in on my day, just to see if I am paying attention to Him. Sometimes, His tactics are quite subtle; at other times, they are much more overt. Consider this one from earlier today:

Allow me to set the context for you.

I was getting my usual halotherapy (sea salt therapy) treatment, and I cast my gaze to the television screen on the wall, which was playing music and showing some images that I usually just tune out. Suddenly, the music stopped, and the image that I shared with you appeared on the screen.

My response? “Yes, Lord. I’m still listening.” [I then took a photo of the screen for proof. You are nice and everything, but I wasn’t sure if you believe me without the photo] 😉

  • So here are my questions for today: are you still listening?
  • Have you experienced Lord breaking into your life in some way recently? 
  • Or is it possible that are you too busy/preoccupied to hear His still, small voice?

The Lord sure got my attention today. The incident sort of reminded me of what happened with Moses and the burning bush. After all, it wasn’t like the bush shouted to Moses and then he turned his attention to it; rather, Moses happened to turn and notice that the bush was aflame, and only then God spoke to him.

When the LORD saw that he turned away [from the flock] to look, God called to him from the midst of the bush and said, “Moses, Moses!” And he said, “Here I am.” (‭‭Exodus‬ ‭3:4‬, AMP‬)

I wonder if this is a principle that the Lord still uses today. Hmm…

Dear Lord, I thank You for the pop quiz today. I am trying to pay attention, and I am trying to listen to You, but You can be awfully subtle sometimes.

Thanks for so hard to miss today. Help me to focus the totality of my being on You, tune out distractions, and carefully hone my senses so that I am picking up whatever it is You’re trying to tell me.

Yes, Lord, I am listening. I am so grateful that You still speak to me each day (in Your own way). In Jesus’s name I pray, Amen.

16 thoughts on “Paying Attention

  1. A timely realisation for myself too. I’ve not been doing my regular prayers and meditations for a couple of days as I’m too mentally exhausted dealing with the recovery from surgery, but last night I started bleeding like crazy again and there might be complications now and I’m back to praying and apologised to God for neglecting him. (Lol). How extreme is our God, but good at grabbing my attention. 😀

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    1. Faith, I am so sorry to read this. I will pray for you. Be gentle with yourself, in body, mind, and spirit.

      Consider the fact that God is simply watching over you during this time, and that there’s nothing that you really need to do except rest in His presence as you continue to heal.

      Course, prayer always helps, but sometimes a simple one like “Jesus, help me!” does the trick.

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  2. The burning bush was a recent discussion between Jerry and me. As to Moses, He is telling us that we are on “holy ground” wherever He is, where He is establishing His dominion and HIs stronghold in Christ. Through all things we are His and He will have our attention. 🙂 Blessings for the week-end.

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    1. For some reason, I have missed several comments from around same period of time – I apologize. I like Jerry’s comment – we are on holy ground whenever we are in the presence of God (which is always if you think about it!).


      1. You are so very kind! And your “knee-mail” comment made me smile – highlight of my day. Thanks again! Clearly, the Lord heard you, because I am starting to feel better. 🙂

        How may I be praying for you?

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