The Waiting Room

I came across another great verse from Romans 8 (which is quickly becoming one of my favorite chapters in the Bible). I like it because this passage covers some important principles that can help me navigate this complicated thing called life with a bit more grace. Consider:


Here are a few things that spring to my mind. I’m no theologian here – this is simply my take on the verse.

  • If we possess radical (yet biblical) hope; and
  • cling to radical (and biblical) faith; then
  • we are able wait [through the power of the Holy Spirit] – calmly and patiently – with a sense of expectation, fully anticipating that God will respond to us according to His timing.

It seems like waiting is an important part of life. However, how we choose to spend our time in God’s “waiting room” (impatiently and anxiously, or calmly and peacefully) is up to us.

I admit that I am not great at waiting in certain areas of my life. I’m extremely patient with children, but when a slow-driving car (usually a Prius – sorry if this observation [ahem, truth!] offends anyone) sidles into the fast lane and brings traffic to a grinding halt, I admit that my patience and willingness to wait fly out the window.

However, if I’m reading this verse correctly, I should be able to apply these principles to my life in virtually any area – the choice is up to me, really.

So here we go. Bring on the Prius, Lord. 😉

Dear Lord, thank You for this important reminder that there are areas of my life where I can be more patient and hopeful as I wait for You to respond. I’m also encouraged, though, that there are other areas of my life where I feel that You have enabled me to be remarkably patient and trusting, and I give You full credit and glory for this. When I encounter a “spiritual Prius” in my life – unexpected events, annoying people, or sometimes, just the car itself – please empower me through Your Spirit to respond with patience and composure as I sit in Your waiting room (or in the fast lane, waiting for the Prius to move). In Jesus’s name I pray, Amen.

A few updates and questions for you all:

  • Many thanks to you all for not discussing the finale of the Great British Baking Show. I finally watched it tonight! (and I’m not saying who won) I would’ve been Daily Unthankful had someone here revealed how it ended. 😀
  • A friend of mine told me about a Christian prayer and meditation app called Abide (, created by some tech-savvy believers who used to work at Google. I just downloaded the app tonight, and – full disclosure here – unless so moved, do not intend to pay for the premium services (I have never paid for an app, and I do not intend to start at this time). I do, however, encourage you to check it out if you feel so inclined. Apparently, there is way to add friends, so if you want to join me on Abide, feel free to connect with me by name, Daily Thankful, or by email – hello at dailythankful dot org (I don’t quite know how all of this works – and I’ve not been paid or anything to mention it here; it simply seems like an interesting idea).
  • I mentioned to you all that I was considering having guest bloggers on Daily Thankful, and solicited your feedback. I appreciate those of you who who responded so kindly and thoughtfully! Thank you. As of this time, I will continue to be the sole author – with the Lord, of course – of Daily Thankful. Should anything change, I’ll be sure to let you know.
  • Several of you bloggers are also published (or soon-to-be-published) authors, which I think is wonderful. I am prayerfully exploring the idea of somehow taking the content of Daily Thankful and creating some sort of devotional book from it. However, I have no idea how to go about doing this. Do you have any tips or recommendations?

Thanks! Blessings to you all.


23 thoughts on “The Waiting Room

  1. Well done on picking this scripture apart. I found it very insightful. Blessings, Hayley 😊
    P.s. I love bake off too. Did you know that in the the next series they will be changing all of the presenters? There’s been uproar about it over here. People are saying it won’t be the same without Mel & Sue.

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    1. Thank you, Hayley! I appreciate your stopping by!

      And you are kidding about the Baking Show/Bakeoff!! Are they keeping Mary and Paul? (If not, then I’m done watching it) Thanks for sharing this tidbit – I shared it with my mom (she’s a fan, too). 😀

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      1. Oh no! No Mary? That is awful. 😦 I’m not sure that we’ll be watching anymore, either! To your knowledge, were the hosts dissatisfied and wanting to depart, or was this a decision by the show to replace them? How sad! 😦

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      2. The show is being moved from BBC to Channel 4 and Mel & Sue were not informed. The hosts refused to continue if the show was swapping channels because they felt that the BBC had nurtured Bake Off. They were worried that this would not continue if they moved to Channel 4.
        Mary Berry left the show for the same reason as Mel & Sue.
        Hope that helps!
        Hayley 😊

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      3. Haha! No problem. 😀

        The advertisement for it aired the other day but a lot of people weren’t keen.

        I’ll probably watch it just to see what its like but I don’t think it will be the same!

        One of the presenters is a crazy
        guy called Noel Fielding (google him). I really don’t think that he suits bake off at all.

        It airs the end of August so I’ll let you know what its like.
        Hayley 😊

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      4. Thank you for this info, Hayley! I’ll look up Noel now, and would definitely appreciate hearing your take on the new season. Based upon what you are saying, though, I don’t think I’m likely to tune in to it. 😦

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      5. My pleasure. Its a great show so will be a shame to lose viewers but if the producers haven’t behaved in the correct manner, they will have to reap the consequences I guess. 😊


  2. :):) Patience is not my virtue, for sure. God has been working with me and it is getting better. Having to drive 8 hours on Mondays and Fridays, I can tell you, it is not just you. Those Prius cars are always, always, disrupting the flow of traffic :):) I’m not a writer(obviously) so, I’ll pray that God puts you with someone who will guide you. God bless you 🙂

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    1. Thank you for confirmation on the Priuses!!! I’m so glad that I’m not the only one having an issue with those cars (although SUVs can also be slow sometimes, too).

      Thanks also for your prayers. I don’t fancy myself a writer either, but other people seem to think that I am, so I’m going to explore it, but I have no idea how to get started.

      You have to drive eight hours twice a week? Good heavens. 😮

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      1. I do get a break, from the drive, if it’s a holiday :):) Every trip and I do mean EVERY trip there is one or more of those things that are slowing up the flow of traffic. hahaha Do like I did with the blog, google it :):) God will direct you, right where He wants you to go 😉

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      2. Oh is that how you started your blog – just doing a Google search? You are right – I probably should simply invest in online research. I wasn’t quite sure how to get started, but perhaps doing a search under “turning a blog into a book” will do the trick! 🙂

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      3. Thank you, Margaret! I took your advice and started doing some online research on the topic. There are so many different resources available! I think I’m going to wait until things settle down a bit in my life before starting this new adventure. Thank you, as always, for your thoughtfulness! 🙂

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    1. Adrianna, thank you so very much for stopping by and for your kind words! I simply try to pass along what the Lord is revealing to me. However, simply because I understand this truth does not mean that I always excel in applying it to my life! 😮

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  3. You’re welcome! And I know what you mean, I struggle with that as well sometimes! But the good part is tht we KNOW the truth so I believe if we keep looking to God, He will help us to follow it completely one day! God bless you!

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