God Really Cares

I got some good news today – something about which I had been hopeful, and had ventured so far as to be cautiously optimistic about it. The Lord made it happen, and I am truly grateful! It’s a reminder to me that He really does care for me; it’s not say that He didn’t care when things were painful and ambiguous (and in some respects, life is still a little vague), but when He comes through in such unexpected and delightful ways, it reminds me that He has a plan, and that His ways and purposes are never random (even when they seem that way).


That’s all. This verse was something I needed to read today, and I thought – particularly its rendering in the Amplified (AMP) translation – may minister to somone’s heart this evening as well.

Dear Lord, thank You for reminding me that You always have a plan – even when I can’t make heads or tails of it. Help me to focus my attention and praises on You as the One Who provides, rather on the desired thing – the blessing itself (even when it is very good).

As this verse indicates, I can know with great confidence that you are deeply concerned about all of your children, and that Your plans for us are ultimately always for our good. We may not fully understand Your ways and purposes in this lifetime, but we can trust in Your Providence – never coincidence! – and remember that nothing ever catches You off-guard. I thank and praise You because always have a plan. ALWAYS. In Your name I pray, Amen.

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