The Path

I came across this quote from KLOVE‘s Facebook page, and was quite struck by it. What an incredible promise, no?


While this isn’t a quote from the BIble, its underlying principle is 100% biblical, from my perspective. To be sure, God will allow us to experience confusion – and even to be overwhelmed by it, for a season – but He will never leave us there. Eventually, as we cling to God’s truth, we will begin to experience His peace if we choose to believe what He says.

After all, it’s not enough to merely know the truth – we have to believe it, too. For example, we can know that exercise brings great benefits to our bodies, but until we believe the “exercise truth” to the point where we are willing to act in accordance with it, we are unable to experience any of the benefits associated with it. Mere knowledge (without faith, which impels action) is insufficient – especially when dealing with spiritual matters.

Dear Lord, thank You for Your peace, which is always available to me. However, life gets complicated sometimes, and it can be tough to sense Your presence and guidance during the trials and tribulations of life. I praise You for this promise on which I can rest, though – You will never leave me in a place of confusion, so long as I choose to believe and act in accordance with what You say in the Bible – Your truth standard.

Thank You for Your unwavering faithfulness, and for the reminder that I can trust that the path on which You have placed me will always take me somewhere that is for my good. And this knowledge ushers in true peace. In Your name I pray, Amen.

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