Never forget that you are profoundly treasured in the eyes of God! No one will ever love you as deeply and as sincerely as He does.

Dear Lord, I thank You for loving me, for accepting me, and for treasuring me simply for who I am. There’s nothing that I have to do to earn Your favor or Your love, and You always have my best interests at heart.

Remind me to hold onto this truth, and not believe the lies that the world tries to tell me – that I’m only lovable if I look a certain way; that I’m only acceptable if I behave in a particular way; and that I’m only valuable if I’ve achieved great levels of success in my education or career. These things, in and of themselves, mean nothing to You.

Help me to remember that real love, acceptance, and value can only come from You. And I am only able to pass along this love, acceptance, and value to others when I have first received these things from You. These things find their origin from the inside out, and can never be found outside of us – in our accomplishments, careers, and fleeting material positions. Only when we have found, believed, and accepted our identity in You can we experience real love, acceptance, and value.

Thank You for this tremendous gift! In Your name I pray, Amen.

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