Kid Wisdom

Sometimes, the Lord gets my attention in some of the most unexpected (and yet refreshing) ways!

I was volunteering in children’s ministry at my church this evening, and found myself in a conversation with a little boy who is about a week away from turning six years old – or so he told me. Somewhat surprisingly, we ended up talking about snakes – not my favorite topic for sure, and I honestly can’t recall how the little boy (we’ll call him Abe for the sake of this blog post) raised the issue – and the discussion went something like this:

Abe: My daddy went camping and saw a really big snake! It was HUMONGOUS! Bigger than a human being!

Me: [bewildered] You saw this snake?

Abe: No, my daddy saw it, and he took a picture of it! It was HUMONGOUS!

Me: I would have been scared. Was your daddy afraid?

Abe: Why would you be scared?

Me: Well, you said that the snake was HUMONGOUS! That sounds really frightening.

Abe: Yes, well the snake was really big – I saw my daddy’s pictures. Bigger than a human being! But [here Abe caught himself, paused, and seemed to reflect for a moment before responding triumphantly], the snake was not bigger than God!

Me: Is anything or anyone bigger than God?

Abe: No. Nothing is bigger than God!

Little Abe uttered the last few statements with such earnest conviction and faith that my heart was deeply touched. As scary as that (apparently) human-sized snake was in his father’s photos, Abe nonetheless recognized that the serpent was no match for his God! Amen, little Abe.

Oh, how the enemy of our souls deceives us. We focus so much on how big he appears to be that we forget that he’s no match for our God. I need to remember what little Abe taught me tonight! It’s like our roles were reversed – he was the teacher, and I was the one who learned something important.

By the way, shortly thereafter, the conversation ventured to the topic of Pokemon, so Abe didn’t stay on his theological bent for very long! 😉

Dear Lord, thank You for these refreshing words of wisdom from little Abe this evening. I can – and did – learn much from him. Help me to focus on the size of my God who I cannot see, rather than the size of the serpent who I can perceive with my natural senses. You are always bigger than any problem or difficult circumstance that I may be facing, even when it seems overwhelming to me. Remind me that nothing ever overwhelms You or catches You by surprise. In Your name I pray, Amen.

4 thoughts on “Kid Wisdom

  1. Kids are amazing. They always speak the truth at the most unexpected times. Hahahaha. I rmb a kid asked me once, why there were so many holes on my face. I was actually having a pimple breakout. Haha! Great post, xo

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