Out of the Net

Strange title for a blog post, no? Well, I borrowed the title words for this post directly from Psalm 25. Consider:

Today, I am praising God for the way that He delivered two dear friends of mine out of a couple of challenging health situations. In order to safeguard their privacy, I will not share any details about their situations here. Suffice it to say, though, their feet appeared to be stuck in the net of challenging circumstances, as the Psalmist discusses:


However, they both responded in faith, trusting God, asking for prayer, and leaving their respective matters in the Lord’s hands (this is not to say that each woman did not have her ups and downs. We are, after all, human, and when we are sad, it’s okay for those feelings to be expressed. In fact, they should be, from my prespective). To borrow a phrase from Psalm 25, each woman trusted God to pluck [her] feet out of the net.

And today, I found out that both women were set free from their nets. God delivered them and answered our prayers! Only He could do it, and He took care of them both.

Their situations encourage me. I can cast my mind back to the many times where the Lord has had to “pluck my feet out of the net.” Times when only He could do it, and He came through faithfully.

Other times, He lets me remain tangled up in the net for reasons I do not necessarily understand. However, during those seasons, I can remember that God is always able to pluck my feet out of any net, but know that He has a purpose (even if it’s one I don’t always llike or agree with) for allowing me to stay there.

But today, my heart is filled with thankfulness over the Lord’s tender care for my two friends. To God be the glory!

Dear Lord, thank You so very much for taking good care of my two friends. You know their situations far better than I do, and I praise You for delivering each woman “out of the net” that she was facing. We thank You for the healing and deliverance that You have provided for both women.

Thanks also for the many times in which you have plucked “my feet out of the net” – too many for me to count! I praise You for Your faithfulness and patience with me. In Your name I pray, Amen.

PS – I found this image on the Bible app, by the way. 🙂

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