I tell you, I have had a whirlwind of a day. Mind you, it was a good day, but a busy one nonetheless.

I came across this verse from just 2 Chronicles 29 yesterday, and it really seemed to jump out at me. Little did I know how quickly this verse would be applied to my own life:

When you have the time, I encourage you to read the full chapter to get more of the context. Quick synopsis – God’s people had a series of really bad kings, and they were doing really bad things. Enter Hezekiah – one of the good guys. Hezekiah came in and turned things around; he had a sincere heart for the Lord, and led his people into a time of profound spiritual revival. Hezekiah’s mission was not easy by any means, but it certainly was effective.

Anyway, my eyes landed on one word: “suddenly”. The people were steeped in idolatry and sin, but in short order, God ushered in a time of revival that completely transformed the nation. And this all happened “suddenly”.

When God decides to act, He doesn’t waste any time. And He nearly left me breathless today. My mind is still reeling from all of it. 

Without going into any of the details, it was simply one surprise after another. I thought I had my day all mapped out, and unexpectedly, the Lord raised up blessings, brought people back into my life unexpectedly, and created opportunities that I never dared to anticipate. I’m not a runner or anything, but it’s what I imagine happens when you go from an easy stroll to a full-on sprint – the change can really catch you offguard!

That’s why I chose a picture of a wave crashing down to the shore to help explain this idea of “suddenly.” We have no way to anticipate when a wave will hit with such force, and we can’t calculate its precise measurements, either. And while water is a wonderful thing – it refreshes and gives life – too much of it all at one time can knock the wind out of you! I suppose that’s what I experienced today, but in a positive way.

I am reminded that God has good things prepared for me, and when He’s ready to deliver them, He’ll find inventive ways to keep me on my toes (I’m clearly still processing what happened – please bear with me).

God’s plans are so much bigger than anything I could ever imagine. He orchestrates things in ways that I couldn’t even think about, and utterly defies human reason and logic… and if I think about this too much longer, my brain is going to start to hurt. 😮 So I better just hurry up and thank God for His blessings today!

Dear Lord, I thank You for being the God of “suddenly”. You’ve clearly been orchestrating things with such detail and precision that when You decide to finally reveal them, it’s astounding to see how detailed and thoughtful Your plans are. It’s quite staggering, actually.

Thank You for preparing good things for me, even when I don’t understand what You are doing and how things are going to play out. Help me to be present and simply enjoy the process, even though I do not know what the final outcome is going to be. This is not easy for me, as You know; often Your ways invite even more questions from my incredibly finite human mind.

Please help me to be satisfied with what I have today. Thank You for taking care of tomorrow, and for healing my yesterday. In Your name I pray, Amen.

6 thoughts on “Suddenly

  1. This post was God’s reply to me today. The ‘suddenly’ for me was how an accident from a prank gone wrong turned my life upside down and developed into chronic illness, complications and doctors not knowing what’s wrong with me exactly and how to treat me. It’s been 3 years. I’ve lost everything, job, so-called friends from my church ministry. I am alone and still untreated. Yes it was sudden but if this ‘sudden’ change didn’t happen I would still be dwelling, living out the sinful lifestyle I was in. Thank you for sharing this. I will definitely read up on the chapter again. God Bless. xo

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    1. Oh wow, Faith! God is so good. Thank you for sharing part of your story here – it sounds like you have definitely been through some hard things (and are still going through them, it sounds like). While our situations are not the same, i know what it is to feel like everything has been snatched away suddenly and unexpectedly, and the grief that comes from that loss. I will keep you in prayer.


  2. It is amazing isn’t it?

    I have to laugh at how suddenly Jehovah turns my day and plans upside down sometimes and sends me in the opposite direction I intended upon going.

    He is truly awesome.

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