Church Barbecue

This evening, I had the chance to attend my church’s annual barbecue. I realized that I had not been to a church picnic in about twenty years! I had a really good time. 🙂

I attended a church with a couple of good friends, and right after service ended, we headed to the barbecue. The turnout was great, and I was thankful that there were some good vegetarian food options available.

It was nice to leisurely spend a warm summer evening with several hundred other church members as we enjoyed a good meal. The fellowship was low-key; it was also nice to see the children around and playing in the jump house, and scaling of the outdoor climbing wall (something that I have no interest in doing as an adult).

It also was a wonderful opportunity for me to connect with two of my good friends in an informal way. We talked about our lives and our challenges, and were able to have a real heart-to-heart conversation about an issue that had been burdening each of us for quite some time. The conversation was amicable, but we were able to address the issue and agreed to keep the matter in prayer in the months to come.

On the whole, it seemed like everyone was relaxed and having a good time. I looked around and saw lots of smiles and sensed a spirit of peace and goodwill that covered the gathering. Accordingly, I was reminded of a passage of Scripture that articulates one of the key benefits that we enjoy when we spend time together in community:

I know that I personally experienced the benefit of this verse today. I was able to receive encouragement and also to give it, also connect with the other church members in an informal way.

It was a great way to end the day. I will have to make attending the church picnic a regular activity on my calendar!

Dear Lord, I thank You for the wonderful sense of community and peace that I experienced at the church barbecue this evening. You are so right – we are the ones who suffer when we cut ourselves off from community, and insist on doing life all on our own.

I’m so grateful for my dear friends with whom I had the chance to connect this evening. Thanks for allowing us the opportunity to address the issue that was on each woman’s heart, in a way that was peace-filled and loving, thereby bringing honor to You.

Church barbecues are pretty good, I must say! I look forward to the event next year. In your name I pray, Amen.

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