Happy Reunion

One of my dear friends who lives in Australia was in town this weekend, and it was such a delight to spend the evening with her! By way of background, she is a native Australian who moved to the States for about a decade. She recently decided to head back home so she could spend more time with her immediate family.

My friend – let’s just call her Emma – was kind enough to treat me to dinner, which was a thoughtful surprise. We spent hours doing what close friends usually do – talking and catching up on each others’ lives over a tasty meal. 

The time just flew by! Despite the many miles of ocean that separate us geographically, I am reminded that we are still in very similar seasons in our lives, and are experiencing similar blessings – and struggles, too.

It’s nice to know that she is praying for me in Australia, and I am praying for her here in California (as if the limitations of our physical geography mean anything to a totally sovereign God, right?). Emma truly is a blessing that the Lord unexpectedly brought my way about three years ago, and she has quickly become a dear friend and sister in Christ.

I believe that this verse from Proverbs 18 sums up what I’m feeling today:

I am grateful for Emma – truly, as Solomon writes in this verse, “a friend who sticks closer than a brother.” What a happy reunion this evening was; I look forward to seeing Emma again next year around this time,

Dear Lord, what a wonderful blessing good friends are – despite the distance that sometimes separates us, these relationships somehow get deeper and stronger over time.. 

I lift up Emma to You, Lord. You know her specific needs and desires – for the purposes of her privacy, I won’t detail them here – and I pray that Your will be done in every sphere and circumstance in her life.

In Your name I pray, Amen.

5 thoughts on “Happy Reunion

  1. Good morning precious sister.
    I would be honoured to include you on my morning prayers.

    Tell you what I will share with you what I would like you to pray for me and you tell me what you would like me to pray for you okay?

    Would you please pray for my eighty year old mom ( who I am her live in care giver) to give her heart to Christ. She has become a baby Christian about a year ago but I would like to see her blessed with a growing loving relationship with our best friend and to grow in obedience unto Him ( she is very independent which is should not be because it only causes her pain with all of her physical limitations).

    Thank you.

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    1. Thank you, Joseph! I will pray for your mother now. What a great thing, though, that she became a believer so recently; I’ll agree with your prayer that she grow in her relationship with the Lord by leaps and strides.

      My request is simple: That I can remain content and focus on what I have, rather than what I lack. Thank you! God bless you, my friend.


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