Thank God for answered prayer! As you may recall, I lamented a couple of days ago about the extremely hot weather we’ve been experiencing here in California, and that due to some wildfires burning to tbe north of us, the air quality has been quite poor.

Anyway, while I knew that the weather was going to cool down today, I decided to pray very specifically for two things. I said this micro prayer on Saturday, and waited to see how God would respond:

  • I asked God for rain, so that our skies would be clear again, and the water would help combat the fires burning up north; and
  • I asked God to send a mighty wind to blow the smog and other pollutants out of our air.

So I met up with another good friend this morning, and I noticed that – as I was driving to the coffee shop to meet here – there were raindrops on my windshield! I was thunderstruck.

Anyway, my friend and I visited for a couple of hours, and I really didn’t think about the weather situation until it was time for me to go. As I walked out of the coffee shop, I noticed that it really had rained quite noticeably! My car was covered with little raindrops (this photo shows the rear window, but it doesn’t really do it justice):

It wasn’t a heavy rain, but the ground was wet (as well as all of the cars in the parking lot). Again, my whole car was coated with fresh raindrops.

However, I looked up in the sky, and it seems like the air was still rather smoggy. The rain was definitely helping, but the air quality still seemed unhealthy.

I spent the rest of the afternoon and evening indoors, and really didn’t think about the weather. When I ventured outside again, I expected the weather to be the same. My mother asked me casually, “Do you think the air quality is better now, since it’s been windy this afternoon?” I hadn’t noticed the wind and commented, “Probably not – after all, the smog was very thick, and to my knowledge, the fires are still burning.”

I got into my car and looked out my fromt window. Much to my surprise, the smog had cleared! The mountains were visible all around, and the sky was pristine in a way that it hadn’t been for the past several days. Only when I made it home and exited the car did I take notice of the soothing breeze.

So according to my records, God responded in the affirmative to my two prayer requests rather quickly. Now, I don’t think we got enough rain to help the fires up north much (if at all), but I still was touched by the fact that my prayers were so clearly answered. After all, the Lord sent the rain and the wind on the same day!

Oh, and did I mention that we enjoyed at 23° temperature drop as well, and that the weather forecast for the week looks fantastic? (I used to think the temperatures in the upper 80s were hot, but after this past weekend, they’ll feel nearly autumn-like in comparison)

Also, the icing on the meteorological cake is that the air quality for the balance of the week supposed to be quite good! 

So today the I am very thankful for answered prayer! My requests might’ve seemed trivial to some, but I know that God hears and responds to all prayer, and I was grateful that He sent of the rain and the wind today.

Dear Lord, thank You so very much for cooler temperatures, cleansing rain, and clearer air. Thanks for taking the time to answer my prayers so quickly and decisively.

I also want to pray for the firefighters combating the blazes up north and in Los Angeles. Also, please provide Your tender care, comfort and provision for the people of Houston, as well as for other places around the world that are experiencing the devastating effects of flooding or other natural disasters. Please keep a hedge of protection around the first responders in these places – including the police officers, fire fighters, medical personnel, counselors, chaplains, and government officials. Please give them the wisdom and knowledge needed to carry out their duties effectively and compassionately. In Your name I pray, Amen.

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