A Remarkable Encounter

Earlier today, I had a remarkable interaction with a complete stranger at the grocery store. The experience reminded me of this verse from Hebrew 13; I’m not saying that I necessarily had an angelic encounter, but something clearly happened –  and I’m still at a loss explain it.

So I was minding my own business, intently exploring my honey wheat and whole grain options in the bread aisle. I was aware of a man standing nearby me, but I really didn’t pay him much attention. Anyway, out of nowhere, the man starts talking to me, and says, “Have a blessed day, dear woman of God!”

Reflexively, I nodded and smiled. Then, I thought about what had just happened, and decided to ask him a question of my own: “Same to you. But how did you know?”

He looked at me with a puzzled expression on his face, and didn’t say anything further. I crossed paths with him at another time, but he didn’t speak to me again.

I’m so puzzled by what happened. After all, for as far as he knew, I could’ve been an atheist! How did he know that I was a Christian? And even if he suspected it, what prompted him to say these words to me – a complete stranger?

I have no answers – only questions.

An interesting encounter, no? And in the bread aisle, no less! 😉

Dear Lord, I thank You for this somewhat bewildering – yet positive – encounter with the man at the grocery store. I still don’t understand exactly what happened, but I know that it was something.

The way I see it, You find surprising ways to keep me on my toes, spiritually speaking. I don’t even know if this man was a Christian – perhaps there is something that he observed that led him to believe that I was a “woman of God.” Who knows? This reminds me that so much of what You do and who You are a mystery.

I’m grateful that my faith requires me to trust You, even when I don’t understand everything that You allow to happen in my life. I didn’t have an uneasy feeling around this man, so I don’t think anything suspicious was going on, but I’ll be honest – I still don’t understand it. Perhaps the significance of the encounter will become clear over time, if it’s something You want me to know.

Thank You for the remarkable experience, regardless! In Your name I pray, Amen.

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