Today’s post will be brief. I simply wanted to share a quote I read from Tony Evans that really encouraged me:

That’s all for today. There’s quite a lot of power and truth in this statement already, no?

Dear Lord, thank You for this reminder that You have crafted a uniquely customized purpose and destiny for my life! And as the Bible indicates, no purpose of Yours can ever be thwarted. Thank You for this great hope! Amen.

12 thoughts on “Destiny

      1. I’m so sorry to hear this, Faith. I will pray for you now. Are you able to do simple stretching movements, or does that exacerbate the dizziness? I find that stretching helps me to reduce stress, and my body feels more relaxed. However, it may make things (the vertigo) worse, and if so, then it’s probably best to not do it. Perhaps it’s something to pray and talk to your doctor about, if you feel so led. Please keep me updated as you are able!


      2. Nope 😦 Stretching triggers it too. No idea why. Every docs guess is that my nerves are affected for sure, which is a tough one because no one knows. MRIs don’t show anything nerve-wise. Thanks for the reply. God Bless. xo


      3. I will keep praying for you, Faith (will do so now). That sounds very hard, and I’m sorry for you, my friend. I had a dizziness flare last week, and I thought of you! Sometimes, we just don’t know what causes the dizziness to come on, and it can be very stressful. 😦


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