The Long Walk

Today was an absolutely glorious day! The weather was perfect – and taking a break from what I was working on at the time – I decided to go for a walk around the neighborhood.

The walk itself was very refreshing and did much to revive my spirits. Also, my body was pretty achy from an exercise class I had gone to yesterday, and I was reminded that the simple things in life (like going for a walk) often provide the greatest amount of relief and comfort.

Normally, I listen to podcasts when I walk, but because I had been doing that for much of the morning and afternoon, I decided to fire up one of my playlists on Spotify and listen to music as I walked. I find that walking helps me to clear my mind, and listening to music invites a peaceful creativity that I usually do not experience while sitting behind my laptop.

I really can’t tell you all that I thought about during that walk – it lasted for about fifty minutes or so – but it was wonderful. I marveled at the way God has designed to the human body, looked at the cars parked along the street, and otherwise generally sang along [quietly] to the music that I was enjoying.

I passed a few people on my walk, and rather than look the other way – as we often do when we encounter people who don’t know – I smiled. I was delightef to know that the other people smiled back! It’s amazing to me what a warm “hello!” can do.

Anyway, as I was concluding my walk, the following Bible verse came to mind:

Life is a path, and we are called to watch where we are going. When I set off on my journey earlier today, I had a route and a destination in mind; I didn’t just start walking randomly.

It’s fascinating to me how many people go about their lives in this way. They just walk, with no sense of direction or purpose in mind. This is most unwise.

While we can’t really control what – or whom – we encounter along our path, we certainly have some say about where we are going. I set my intention today to follow a prescribed route, and I did just that. Along the way, I had opportunities to travel along a different course – routes that weren’t necessarily bad in and of themselves – but they weren’t what the Lord had in store for me today.

While certain things happen that catch us offguard – the detours of life – generally speaking, when we plan to do something, we are more likely to accomplish it. I set my mind on taking a walk today, and that is what happened.

When I watch where I am going, then my planned path will be established. Of course, surprises often happen that require us to pivot and change direction, but at least I can have a sense of where I should be headed. After all, if I don’t know where I’m going, how can I possibly hope to get there?

Dear Lord, thank You for the absolutely stunning day today. I really enjoyed my walk this afternoon and the opportunity to relax and enjoy the beauty of Your creation.

Thanks also for this important reminder that life is a path, and in many respects, it’s up to me to decide which direction to go. You are the one who gives me the specific guidance – a right turn here, and a U-turn there – but with Your help, I should have a general direction of where I’m headed in my life.

I am grateful that I believe that I am headed in the right direction (let’s call it north), but I am still awaiting Your specific guidance. Until this comes, I will continue heading (and praying!) in that direction. In Your name I pray, Amen.

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