Truly, sometimes living by faith is very challenging. Not so much in the big and hard things – when our circumstances appear impossible, faith really is our only viable option – but more in the mundane, everyday things that seem comparatively less significant.  insignificant.

I was in a very comfortable situation, and wasn’t looking to make any changes. However, in the back of my mind, I had an inkling that the Lord wanted me to do something, but I didn’t feel any particular urgency to do it. It wasn’t that what I was involved in at the time was bad – it was quite good, really – but rather, I was so comfortable that I didn’t really see the need for any changes.

I’ve come to realize that the Lord can be very subtle at times. If you’re not paying attention, it’s possible to miss an important message! I didn’t miss it this time, though.

Perhaps you’re wondering, “what happened?” Nothing earth shattering or anytjing – simply, the Lord allowed some circumstances into my life that made me a little uncomfortable. Very unexpectedly so, actually. But as I look back and reflect on the situation, I can see that He was in the process of getting me to move from my comfortable spot to the place He actually wanted me to be.

This verse from Psalm 25 came to mind:

So I decided to sort of go for it – not reluctantly, but recognizing that God has used this particular tactic on me before, and discerning that it’s wise to go along with His plan, rather than trying to fight it (like I would be successful any other way?). Obedience to God is always right, but it is rarely easy.

So I took the first step in the direction of where God was leading, and sure enough, the door of opportunity opened right before me.  Very naturally and seamlessly, come to think of it. My mind flashed back to a time last year when the Lord had brought this opportunity to my mind, but I had not taken any action upon it; I then realized that – today – I was exactly where He wanted me to be.

Faith, I think, often requires us to leave that which is comfortable and trade it in for that which is unknown (or less known). In my case, the Lord connected me to somebody I actually already knew, and there was an ease between us – a clear and unmistakeable sense that the Lord had brought our paths together. And I’m actually genuinely excited about this new opportunity, even though it means saying farewell to a familiar and comfortable one.

After all, remember what Psalm 25:9 says: “He leads the humble and doing right, teaching them His way.” Clearly, His ways look very different than mine!

Dear Lord, I thank You for the guidance that You make available to me at all times. In this particular circumstance, it meant recognizing that You were at work in an area of my life, and being willing to let go of that which was familiar and comfortable to me. Naturally, I have experienced some feelings of loss over what I’m leaving behind, but I must trust in Your guidance, which is never wrong.

Thank You for the clear evidence that You are the one at work in the situation, and for the reminder that I need to be willing to let go of whatever I’m holding onto, if that’s what You are telling me to do. In Jesus’s name I pray, Amen.

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