Jesus Knows

Good evening! I am very tired – today was my Mom’s and stepdad’s birthday, and I am grateful that we had some good time together this evening. I’m so fortuonate that the Lord has graced me with my mother’s presence for yet another year, and I so appreciate the fact that she is a sincere woman o God.

However, despite this reality, she has gone through her share of challenges, and by God’s grace, has managed to come through them with grace and poise. As I reflect on her life, the following quote comes to my mind:

Jesus Knows Quote

My Mom has been through some incredibly challenging and stressful times, but her faith in the Lord has remained constant. And you know what? God was with her the whole time. In the same way, we can remember that the Lord knows precisely what is going on in our lives now, and how long we have been contending with our issue(s). Nothing ever catches Him by surprise.

So I am grateful for this fact today – God’s complete and sovereign knowledge over all He has made. Put another way, there is no new informaiton that I can ever share with Him, but for reasons I don’t fully understand, He wants to have a close relationship with me, and desires that I simply transfer all of my burdens and concerns to Him.

Put another way, I really believe that the Lord wants us to relax – into Him, that is. He’s got it! We can always share our concerns with Him in prayer, but we can trust Him enough to leave our burdens there with HIm, rather than our picking them up again.

Simply put – and today’s quote summarizes the thought well –ย Jesus knows. All things, all the time. He’s got it, and He’s already in the processs of working ou a resolution to whatever problem that we may be facing at this time.

Dear Lord, I thank You for the fact that You are totally and completely aware of everything happening in my life (and in the lives of countless other people, all at the same time). Thanks for Your careful regard and attention to me. Help me to trust You enough to really leave my burdens and worries with You, rather than picking them up once again! In Your name I pray, Amen.

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