Quick post tonight – I’m wiped out!

However, I had a good day. I’m reminded that I need to remain anchored (rooted, really), in the Truth who never changes, rather then letting my mood be dictated by the ever-changing circumstances of life.


Do you know where your roots are? And are they grafted into the main Root? If not, when the storms rage, what do you think will happen to the tree of your life?

As I said, I had a good day. But things could just as easily change tomorrow. Regardless of what happens, God is still in control, and that is the only Truth upon which my life and dreams should be built.

Dear Lord, I am so thankful that my roots are growing ever closer to Yours, and for the reminder that the only worthy foundation on which my life cam be built is You. Forgive me for looking to other people and things when only You can meet the deepest longings of my heart and soul. In Your name I pray, Amen.

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