Quiet Time

Many people are surprised to learn that I am an introvert (a dyed-in-the-wool one, actually) but that is what I am. It’s not to say that I cannot do extroverted things, but the reality is that doing tasks that require me to be “on” tends to deplete what I refer to as my “introvert battery”. I certainly can do them, but I’m usually pretty wiped out later that evening or the next day.

God has wired us to all be different; some people really get energy from being around others, and some of us also enjoy episodes of quiet time, so that we can recharge our batteries, so to speak.

As my fellow introverts can attest, the hallmark of our lifestyle is having quiet time (or thinking/processing time). For me, this week has been good, but busy, and I recognized that I really hadn’t scheduled too much quiet time for myself. For me, this is not a good thing!

I am reminded of this passage from 1 Thessalonians 4, which reminds me of the importance of peace and quiet in one’s life, and the impact that these well-practiced disciplines can have on others:

I like the opening part of this verse: “make it your goal to live a quiet life.” Generally speaking, I strive to do this. This is not to say that I am a quiet person, but rather that my aim is to have a soft presence when I’m around others.

Anyway, by the time that I finally got home today. I am ended up taking a nearly two-hour quiet time. I needed time to process the experiences of the day, and was so grateful that I took the time to do so!

And the quiet time was great. I didn’t do anything super spiritual, and to my knowledge I don’t think I prayed about anything specific – I simply remained still, and let my mind replay anf interpret the days’ events. What a blessing it is to be quiet and still!

Dear Lord, I thank You for the quiet times that I am able to enjoy without interruption. So much in this world competes for my attention, and I want to focus my life on what’s really important, which means giving my mind and body the time that they need in order to rest and recover. Thank You for this precious gift! In Your name I pray, Amen.

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