Laugh Out Loud

So after being super hard on myself following my accidentally-clicking-“publish”-too-soon-after-the-quiet-time-but-before-the-post-was-edited debacle of yesterday (hello, perfectionism issues?) I decided that I needed to cleanse my emotional palate with a good laugh. Not just a chuckle, mind you, but a good old fashioned guffaw.


My (totally faith-based) guilty pleasure of choice? The Babylon Bee. 100% Christian satire. It may not be for everybody, but I tell you, some of the “news” stories have me cracking up. After all, as Christians, we have a reputation for being a little serious and uptight, and I really don’t think that is God’s desire for us. Yes, He wants us to be intentional and purposeful in our faith, but who says that we can’t lighten up a little, too? A little laughter never killed anyone – or at least I don’t think it has. I should probably check the Bee just to be sure….

Anyway, here are some of the Bee headlines from this year that have made me laugh:

And there are others. So many others!

I am reminded that I sometimes take myself too seriously, and need to lighten up a bit. I am not perfect – far from it – and when mistakes happen, I need to learn to just let things go. Holding onto them and blaming myself accomplishes nothing constructive.

So I decided to laugh. And the Bee helped me a lot. Maybe it’s not your cup of tea (and if not, I get it), but please find something. We all need to exhale and relax a bit, and enjoy a serious laugh every now and again.

This may not come through much on this blog, but I actually have a fairly dry and deadpan sense of humor (and since Daily Thankful is focused on gratitude, it is understandable that this side of me would not be all that evident). However, you should know that it is there. I don’t believe in mocking or attacking anyone, but I do appreciate clean humor and some fairly benign satire from time to time. I hope that you do, too!

Dear Lord, thank You for this reminder that I can take myself too seriously, and I need to let things go. It’s no surprise to You that I am imperfect, but for some reason, I hold myself to ridiculous standards, and then admonish myself when I fall short of the expectations that You never set for me in the first place.

Thanks for giving me opportunities to really laugh. I mean really, really laugh. I’m grateful for the writers at the Bee – You know their heart – and for their efforts to address (sometimes) sensitive issues with humor and lightheartedness. I don’t know about anyone else, but I am grateful for their work, and for the many times I’ve laughed out loud at the articles they have written (although some of them go over my head sometimes).

Laughter truly is good for the soul (and the mind, too). I already feel better! What better way to end the day than with a few LOLs in Jesus’s name? 😀 Amen.


12 thoughts on “Laugh Out Loud

  1. I feel God loves laughter, it is a joyful noise, right? The articles titles you posted from the Bee had me laughing but I haven’t been over and read them yet. Humour is good, it lifts us up, it makes is happy, and isn’t that some of what God wants for/from us? I am thankful for your humour ;):)

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      1. I am in God’s hands and I have faith in His delivering power. He is the Almighty, He created me, He loves me, warts and all, and He will get me through :):):) God bless you for asking 🙂 I will certainly give them a read. I am catching up today. I have been slack haha 🙂

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      2. i iniitally misread your comments and thought you said that you had been sick! I thought, “let’s get the prayer wheel turning for Margaret.” Glad to hear that you are in good health. No rush (or even need) to ever feel the obligated to read anything that I write! 😉

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      3. Are you kidding…I look forward, and love reading your post!!! I’m slack when it comes to diverting to new stuff, like the links you posted :):) But your post, miss them, never 😉 God Bless you. Thank you for thinking of praying for me. I had been feeling emotionally “sick” for about a month but I woke up yesterday feeling back to normal. Thank God for His love and mercy :):)

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      4. I am so humbled that you take the time to read my blog as faithfully as you do. Most days, I have no idea what I’m going to write, and then when I finally do cobble something together (by the grace of God) and post it, I doubt myself. However, friends like you remind me of why I continue to blogging. I have been so blessed by your blog as well, Margaret – some of the verses you pick out each day are like spiritual daggers to soul!!! (I mean that in a good way). 😉

        I am relieved to hear that your emotions are doing some better. Hang in there, my friend!

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      5. That doubt should tell you that it is reaching someone. That old evil one would love nothing better than for you to doubt yourself right out of posting the nourishment you post. I know what you mean about the verses. Like I told you I was feeling “sick” for the past month or so then I read these verses. And look what Jesus was going through. My issues are so miniscule compared to His burden. Then today I read this verse, Matthew 26:38, and it was that dagger, as you said, Then saith He unto them, My soul is exceedingly sorrowful….I read and re-read it because I never remember that part of the verse. Jesus said His soul was exceedingly sorrowful, which is right where I have been these few weeks. Jesus knows what we go through. And my life alterations are nothing compared to what He went through. Praise His name for always giving us those daggers that we need, right when we need them. I appreciate you always encouraging me, and I will hang in there. Jesus never gave up on me and I am not giving up either because He that is in me is greater than anything that is in this world!

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      6. Margaret, I’m about *thisclose* to making you a co-author on Daily Thankful! Your perspective is always so refreshing and touching. I, too, I frequently miss those verses about the sorrow Jesus bore before He went to Calvary. Thank you for sharing this important reminder with me here!

        And the next time that I start to feel doubtful, I will remember your words and encourage myself by them (and with your blog, too). As always, you are a blessing! 😊

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