Crossing Over

As some of you know, I occasionally feel led to pass along a Bible verse here that speaks to my heart. Today, I’m sharing a passage that may be familiar to some of you.

Without going into too much detail, the situation that Joshua was facing was impossible. I mean, absolutely impossible – in his own strength, that is.  His mentor (Moses) had just died, he had a large group of fussy and rebellious people on his hands, a big body of water in front of them, and no post-exodus game plan other than “enter and claim the promised land.” I’m sure that Joshua must of been scared out of his mind! 

However, the Lord spoke words of encouragement to him, basically saying, “step to it!” Mind you, this wasn’t a suggestion – it was a command to be obeyed:

However, with the Lord, Joshua was able to accomplish the impossible, the improbable, and the absolutely ridiculous (take the time to read the first few chapters of the book of Joshua if you don’t believe me). All kinds of crazy things happened: He and the people inhabited the promised land, defeated a bunch of giants, and took down a whole city by walking around its perimeter and bellowing songs of praise for several days.

Let’s be real. If I were in Joshua’s shoes, I’d be asking God all kinds of questions. Things like…

  • Can I have some time to grieve over the death of my friend, Moses? 
  • And do we have to go to the promised land right away? We’ve been on the road for forty plus years – what’s one more month? 
  • If You’re here with us, how come we have to take down the giants on our own? 
  • And why can’t You go ahead and knock down the walls of Jericho without us? Why do we need to be involved at all? Don’t You know how thick the city walls are, and how well armed the people are within them?

Thankfully, Joshua’s response was spot on: he obeyed. No protestations on his part! He believe what God told her and stepped out in faith, and the Lord took care of him.

Isn’t it ironic how God’s answer to pretty much everything is, “I’ll be with you every step of the way! No need to worry. Now go do this thing that seems completely impossible to you.”

As it was with Joshua, so it is with us. More often than not, I find that the Lord simply overrides my questions and expects me to respond in obedience. There’s something today that I’m know He wants me to do, but I think it’s kind of ludicrous. I’m going to do it, though, because it’s the right thing to do. However, I still think it’s a little bit ridiculous; I’m going to feel somewhat silly doing it, but I’ll do it anyway.

And I’m learning that it’s fine to think this way. I can totally believe that what God is leading me to do is crazy, impossible, ridiculous, ludicrous, bizarre, risky, and more, but at the end of the day, what matters most is my willingness (or unwillingness) to do what God says. Will I cross over the Jordan River in front of me as He has asked, or will I stay where I am – comfortable, but trapped, with nowhere else to go?

Dear Lord, thank You for reaching out and testimg me periodically with requests that seem risky, strange, and flat-out unusual. However, in faith I choose to cross over that which is standing in my way, because I believe that something better is waiting for me on the other side. In my present circumstances, the thing that is in my way is doubt. Still, I will cross over and bypass that doubt, simply because it is the right thing to do (even though I don’t know how things will play out in the end).

I look forward to seeing the exciting things that You will do as I continue to step out in faith. Amen! 🙂

17 thoughts on “Crossing Over

    1. God is good! These verses are powerful, and have gotten me through some very challenging (and scary) situations in my life. I’m glad to hear that they are doing the same for you.

      Is there some specific way that I may be praying for you, Tammy?


  1. :):) My friend, you have such a way with the Daily Thankfuls. I had to laugh at your questions, if it had been you. I was reading them thinking, yep, me too, I’d have asked that one, and that one and that one hahaha. I feel that sometimes God will ask us to do the most, how did you put it, “crazy, impossible, ridiculous, ludicrous, bizarre, risky, and more” because those are the things that make us step out in faith. Of course He knows we can, and usually will, submit to the easy stuff. It’s the “is crazy, impossible, ridiculous, ludicrous, bizarre, risky, and more” stuff that puts us out there, and strengthens our faith in Him, and proves our faith to Him.

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    1. You said iit! It’s like He takes us from one bizarre, crazy, and risky situation to another, right? The walk with the Lord is never on a straight and flat path is it? (lots of curves, pitfalls, and steep drop offs in unexpected places). It keeps our lives interesting, no?

      I’m glad to know that I wouldn’t be the only one asking God some pointed questions, were I in Joshua’s shoes. I’d be like, “Lord, uh, have you SEEN the banks of the Jordan River here? They are OVERFLOWING. Can we talk about plan B?” 😉

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      1. hahahah I am so thankful for the laughs this morning(afternoon, whatever) I am laughing about plan b, and questions. You are NOT the only one. I can see you on one side and me on the other asking question after question hahaha.

        I feel the Lord knows if He didn’t keep it interesting, we would, well lose interest. If we were not so short on attention span, He wouldn’t have to resort to such measures hahaha :):)

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