New Beginnings

Even though I really, really really don’t like the color pink, I couldn’t resist sharing the following Bible verse here on Daily Thankful:

(By the way, the folks at the Bible app selected this background color – not me!)

I had a really good experience today that reminded me that God is still very much in the business of starting and growing new things. I had the chance to reconnect with a friendly acquaintance today – someone with whom I felt meaningful connection, but we still hadn’t developed into friends. You know how it is, when you only see someone every now and again, yet you feel like you have a connection with him or her. That is how it was with this individual.

Anyway, before today, the last time our paths had crossed, this person was having a difficult time. A really hard time. And then there wasn’t much communication for a long time – radio silence, actually. About a month ago, we reconnected, and enjoyed a very brief email exchange, but that was about it.

I realized that if I simply let things be that our journeys would not likely overlap again (and to clarify, she had mentioned in the email that she had not seen me in awhile, and I promised I would make an effort to reconnect with her at some point). So, I took a calculated risk and went to an event where I knew she would be – just to see how she was doing. I wasn’t quite sure what kind of reception I would receive, but I realized that if I never tried, then I would never know, now would I?

So I went to the event and prayed that God would work things out for the best. As it turns out, I had nothing to worry about at all! The moment she saw me, her face lit up, and she gave me a huge hug. She was so excited to see me – and if I’m honest, I was really happy to see her as well – that she bear-hugged me again. She apologized for having been out of touch, and I promised that I would make an effort to stay connected to her after I left the organization. She promised to do the same.

I left the event smiling, because it felt like the beginning of something new. I don’t know why it is that sometimes we meet a person and feel like we’ve known him or her for a really long time, even though we possess very little information about the individual. And while I suspect that our faith traditions are different, I have no doubt that my new friend and I will continue to share a strong connection, and simply enjoy one another’s company. And that is a blessing! (I have many friends who are not Christians, and that is absolutely fine! Variety is a wonderful thing, and having friends with different life perspectives is important, too).

At the same event, I ran into someone else who I think is inching ever closer the “unexpected new friend” category as well. This other person is aware of one of the goals that I’ve been working on, and she has been encouraging me on the way. I’ve actually been surprised by this, since I really don’t know her well at all. However, she has travelled this path before, and is the one who reminded me that things will get better. When I saw her in person today, I took the time to thank her for her encouragement and support. She smiled, said with calm assurance, “You will be fine. Everything will come together.”  She said it was such confidence and conviction, I thought, “Wow! She has more faith in my ability to accomplish this goal than I do right now!” It just goes to show that someone doesn’t have to know you a long time to have faith and believe in you.

So today, I am so very thankful for these two women who have been such blessings to me in the short time that I’ve known them. The first one feels like a kindred spirit in a way; the other woman is very different from me, but encourages and inspires me in a very sincere way. 

It feels like the beginning of two new and exciting friendships; regardless of how things turn out, I am grateful for the opportunity to have crossed paths with these two remarkable women.

Dear God, I thank You for these two women – Yoi know who they are, but for the purpose of this blog, I will just refer to them as Sarah and Debbie.

I’m so grateful for the instant connection and rapport that I had with Sarah, and I look forward to staying in touch with her. It’s so rare to connect with somebody right away these days, especially when you’re able to make one another laugh and engage in conversation with such ease. 

I’m also grateful for Debbie, who is very different from Sarah, but who nonetheless has made an impression on me in a significant way. She has shown me that hard work and perseverance really do pay off, and she such faith in me that her confidence is spurring me on! I am thankful to You for her as well.

I ask for Your blessing on these two women and their families, too. And if there is some specific role or purpose that you have me to play in their lives, then please make that apparent to me. Otherwise, I simply plan to enjoy these new friendships that You planted, and see how they grow and blossom over time. In Your name I pray, Amen.

5 thoughts on “New Beginnings

  1. Praise God for building friendships in our lives! Great that you were able to reconnect with “Sarah” and get to know “Debbie” a little better. I pray that you will always be surrounded by loving friends who you really click with! Steven 🙏🏻

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    1. Thank you, Steven! Actually, things were not always so smooth with Debbie. However, within the span of a week, God has completely turned this relationship around. When God starts to work, things can happen very quickly! I really appreciate your prayers, my friend.

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