When Things Click

I’m not saying that I have everything all figured out, but today I’m feeling thankful because I’m starting to better understand how some of the circumstances of my life fit together. I guess you could say that I had an “aha!” moment – Nothing specific happened, but rather, I experienced some God-given insight about where things might be headed. It’s a really nice feeling!

Put another way, it’s like knowing that I need to head north, but not having directions to get to a specific location. Then, after some time has passed, someone hands me a map, but it is difficult to interpret and understand. Finally, after expending a great deal of time and energy studying the map, I suddenly today understood its symbols, and what specific course I need to follow in order to get to my destination.

I have not yet completed my journey, but I better understand what it will be like, what equipment I’ll need to take with me, and how to navigate the terrain I’ll encounter along the way.

This verse reminds me that while not everything that happens in my life is good, that God in His sovereignty nonetheless weaves everything together in a way that is for my ultimate good. A year ago, I would’ve never imagined that I’d be where I am now, but I can recognize that I’m now in a good place. The challenges that I experienced were very difficult, but miraculously, God still repurposed these trials for my benefit.

Specifically, as I am making headway on one of the goals that I shared with you all previously, I feel like things are starting to click. Finally! 😂 I still have a ways to go, but I feel like there was a perceptible shift today, and things are starting to make sense in a way they had not done earlier.

So that’s what I’m thankful for on this day. What about you? I spend so much time talking about my own gratitude that I really don’t take the time to ask you all what is on your heart. Should you feel so inclined, feel free to share what you’re grateful for today, but please don’t feel pressured or anything. 

Dear God, I’m so very grateful that things are finally starting to click for me! I don’t have all of the details at this point in time, but I do possess a direction that I am following with faith and genuine enjoyment. 

Thank You for the goals that You have placed in front of me, and for the ability that You have given me to accomplish them. As You know, I have a big project due soon, so I ask for Your wisdom, guidance, and recall as I try to synthesize and articulate all that I have learned thusfar. Thank You for this incredible experience! It is such a joy to learn something new. In Your name I pray, Amen.

3 thoughts on “When Things Click

  1. I am thankful for everything. :):) I am so happy you are starting to get a glimpse of what God has planned for you. God never lets me in on anything. He knows I will mess it up, trying to “help” hahaha. He keeps me in the dark until it’s done, then He throws it right in front of my next footstep so I can trip over the solutions/blessings or I will miss it ;):)

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    1. We’re basically on the same path, my friend. What glimpse I received is basically my next step, too. However, after stumbling around in the darkness for sometime, it’s nice to see a little light from time to time! 😉

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