Everyday Blessings

Today, I’m thankful for an unexpected blessing that came I way. Allow me to explain:

My car was having an issue with another leaky tire – it seems like I have a penchant for driving over nails! 😩 Anyway, I noticed that the tire pressure was getting low, so I emailed the person who usually services my vehicle and asked for his wise counsel.

He advised me to put air in my tire as soon as possible, so I would be safe out on the roads. This sounds easy enough, but you need to understand something important: I had never really done that before.

Seriously – I am that woman.  I am that woman, and I share this fact unreservedly and unapologetically.

However, I was in a situation where I needed air in my tire. As is my custom, I headed to a local gas station a couple days ago, and sought out the help from one of the attendants. Unfortunately, there was someone there I did not recognize, and when I asked for help, the attendanr indicated that she did not know how to help me. Consequently, I tried to put air in my tires myself, but I was unsuccessful. It sounded like air was actually leaking out, which was not good!

I was frustrated. I consider myself to be an intelligent woman, and I was bothered that I couldn’t sort this out on my own. So I drove away.

As the days passed, the tire pressure continued to deplete. So, after leaving church this morning, I decided to go to another gas station that I had visited previously. I prayed that the Lord would raise up some sort of friendly and knowledgeable attendant who could help me understand how to properly put the air in my tire.

God’s answer to my prayer was swift! I met a super friendly attendant name Steve, and he took the time to explain how to put air in my tires (especially how to keep the air from leaking out), and he showed me how to check the tread, too. I watched him carefully and I asked if I could give it a go.

I am extremely proud to report that I was able to put air in my rear two tires successfully (this may seem like a trivial accomplishment to Sam, but it was pretty big potatoes to me). Mind you, I wasn’t as precise as Steve was, but I got pretty close. I was so thankful for Steve’s help that I gave him a hug.

I then let Steve know that he was a very natural teacher, and that he had a way of explaining things that made sense to me. I suggested that he take his teaching skills to the community and consider offering workshops designed for people like me – reviewing things that we should know about out cars, but have never taken the time to find out. I let Steve know how much he had already blessed me by showing me things about my car that I will remember for a long time (for example, the penny test to check where and tear on the tires), and then I believe that there are other people out there who would similarly benefit from his expertise. Steve seemed touched, and told me that I should share the idea with his manager, who happened to be walking in my direction.

The manager’s name was David, and I told him the story and offered my suggestion. While still a young man, David was very thoughtful, and listen appreciably to what I had to say. He thanked me for my time, and said that he would discuss the idea with the gas station’s national corporate representative. I let him know that there might be some potential public relations and advertising benefit for the station if he pursued this option, and David seemed to be quite interested.

This whole exchange – the one with Steve and David – took no more than about 15 minutes, but I believe that all three of us were blessed by it. I left the station with a full heart (and full tires), and I believe that Steve and David felt encouraged as well. Isn’t remarkable way that God works in the details of our lives?

I surely don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow, but at least I have air in my tires today (and yes, I’m going to get the tire patched as soon as possible). 🙂

Dear Lord, thank You for raising up Steve and David to help me today. I ask for Your favor on this gas station that I visited today; if it is Your will, I also ask that my suggestion be well-received and ultimately implemented in the community.

Also, thanks for protecting me all this time– especially when my tire pressure was low. I ask for continued safety until the time that my tire can be restored. 

After all, I really appreciate the everyday blessings that You place in my life, and I never want to take them (or You) for granted. In Your name I pray, Amen.

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