Never Alone

I came across this verse yesterday, and it really resonated with me. In light of all of the terrible things that of been happening lately – inexplicable violence, hurricanes, earthquakes, and fires – it can be easy to focus on our circumstances and lose perspective. Also, we can start to feel like we are alone in the world, and that we have to figure things out all by ourselves.

Thankfully, though, this is not the case! We are never truly alone.

Without going into too much detail, there are some uncontrolled fires burning in California (again!), and I found out that a good friend of mine was very close to the site located to the north of where I live.

Anyway, she sent me a text message telling me how she could see the fire burning across the way from her hotel, and how she was awakened early in the morning to evacuate the premises. It clearly was in emergency situation, and she had to gather her belongings as quickly as possible and exit. Additionally, she had to find her way out of the area in her car, and ended up driving through several of the fire-laden streets. 😩 Thankfully, she made it back to her apartment several cities away, and is now recovering – physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

While what she – and others who are still there, who are contending with the damage and health problems associated with a live fire – experienced was terrible, I am so grateful to God that her life was spared, and that she was able to exit the situation safely.

I’m amazed at the way that God takes care of us. He took care of my friend, and made a way out of a perilous situation and ushered her into a place of safety. And as she recovers in the aftermath of this experience, the Lord will continue to be there with her to provide comfort and solace.

So we are never truly alone, and I’m so grateful that God in His providence looks down on us and takes care of us every day – often in ways that can’t even begin to imagine.

Dear Lord, thank You for protecting my friend. I ask that You wrap Your arms of love and comfort around her as she recovers from this ordeal. I also pray for the first responders who are still fighting the fire, and ask that You would send rain and cool weather, so the fire can be controlled and eventually extinguished. Please keep everyone safe in the interim, Lord. Thank You! Amen.

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