A Familiar Trial

So I received some mildly distressing news today. It was connected to some circumstances from earlier this year, when my heart and mind were – for a time, anyway – riddled by anxiety.

Not so today. In fact, I have been aware of the situation for several days, but have not been worried about it. I think I’ve been through so much over the course of the past year or so, that very little frightens me now. My view is that – one way or another – God and I will get through it.

When I got back home, I busied myself with other things. I honestly wasn’t worried about it, and didn’t give it much thought. Even now, as I am preparing to share this post with you all, the matter is not weighing on my heart. I’m only sharing it with you to demonstrate the change that God has brought about in my own life – moving away from fear and truly embracing peace. After all, what good has worry ever done anyone? 

For me, this is a faith opportunity. The test is very similar to the one I experienced earlier this year, but I am different. I have the opportunity to behave as I did earlier this year, or to make a different choice. This time, I am choosing peace, fully trusting that God will work this situation out according to His timing and good purposes. I made this decision sometime ago, so I have been able to enjoy a sense of ease and contentment that I really can’t explain in light of my circumstances. And that’s okay. 🙂

Dear Lord, I thank You for all that You have taught me over the course of this past year. Thank You for the reminder that I always have a choice to make – to be fearful or peaceful. This time, as a familiar challenge crosses my path yet again, I recognize that I am different and can choose to live above my circumstances! I do so in faith today and every day. 

As always, thank You for the peace that is only possibly by You, through You, and may only be found in You. In Your name I pray, Amen. 

12 thoughts on “A Familiar Trial

    1. I can empathized somewhat. Anxiety and I are old – but now estranged – friends. All I can say is that when God allowed me to go through lot of painful things and then I made it through in ways I cannot explain or fully understand, that something truly miraculous happens: the fear starts to subside. Not all at once, mind you, but gradually.
      There is so much that I need to learn, but my prayer for you is that one day, quite unexpectedly, you will wake up and realize that you’re a little less anxious than you were the day before. Celebrate the small wins! There is victory in that. 🙂 Hang in there!


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