Following the Call

I came across this verse recently, and reviewed it again a few minutes ago. Suddenly, something that is probably very obvious to you became very clear to me: when God has called me to do something, then He assumes full responsibility for making sure that I’m equipped to complete the task set before me. Now, He will not do the task for me, but He will make sure I have the resources, talents, and wisdom needed to fulfill whatever purpose and plan that He has set aside for me.

I have to think back to the truth that I learned earlier this year: in God’s eyes, success often means completion, rather than some sort of material or relational gain (although these things may happen sometimes). Also, I must defer to whatever light God has given me regarding my circumstances, and not get too far ahead of His revealed will for me. In my experience, this is a truth that is readily understood, but rather difficult to live out at times.

Anyway, the big takeaway for me is that I don’t have to figure out where I’m going next. I simply need to walk on in faith, and complete the next step that the Lord has placed before me [that’s why I chose an arrow for the image associated with today’s post – if you follow the arrows, you will eventually arrive at your destination, even if the route that you’re on takes a little longer than you originally thought. But if you stop and try to figure out why the arrow is where it is – or, worse yet, map out your own course – you’ll never get anywhere except stuck!].

This was an important reminder for me today, and I’m grateful for it. When in doubt, I need to look for the closest arrow and then do what it says. Of course, I also need to remember to differentiate God’s arrows from the misleading signs that I will likely also encounter along my path. These signs – sent by the enemy of our soul – often closely resemble the Lord’s signs, but they always lead us the wrong way! Or, these false signs offer what appears to be a tantalizing shortcut to our destination, but they inevitably lead us to some sort of dead end.

Dear Lord, I thank You for this important reminder today. I can rest in the confidence that You have called me for a specific purpose, and that You will reveal to me all that I need in order to fully accomplish the task before me at this time. Thankfully, I don’t need to figure any new steps, or try to identify an unwise and ill-fated shortcut of my own creation. 

Please give me the wisdom to simply follow the signs that You have put in front of me, rather than trying to chart out my own course in life. I so appreciate this truth from the Bible today: You have called me for a specific purpose, and You consequently assume full responsibility for bringing Your plans to fruition (even when Your arrows take us through dark and unchartered territory, far away from the main road). In Your name I pray, Amen.

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